Saturday, September 25, 2010

Heritage Day - A day off!

Yesterday was Heritage Day. So that meant a public Holiday. My younger sister mentioned she would be coming to the area to visit our parents. My parents also had my older sister's kids around for the day (my sister was working in the morning, but joined us all at lunch time). I thought it would be great to get the kids out for a while... that while turned into being for the day.
I needed to drop off some stuff with my younger sister for a woman she works with. Her mother had ordered some "boxes" for a wedding she's organizing. She'd seen the little shoes I'd made for her daughter's bridal shower and wanted some of those for the ladies, as well as something for the men. We decided on top hats. They're going to put some sweets & chocolates into the "boxes" - and will be a very nice gift for the guests.

This was the sample. I decided to rather go with a solid satin ribbon for the top hats.
Just some of the boxes! I made 43 shoes and 37 top hats. The theme is red and white

My parents live across the road from Homestead Dam in Benoni. We decided to go have a walk along the dam. Before you get worried about what my son is "eying out", it was dog fur - somebody decided to brush their dog there... although my son did say "look it's duck skin"... he says the funniest things...
We spotted some ducks with their babies, but my mom says they're most likely Egyptian Geese (what would I know? They look like ducks and they swim...)

I spotted 8 babies.
My parent dog's Bonnie and Spike love their walks to the dam, and always have to go have a swim, too.
My neice Erin, my son Kayden and my nephew Liam "posing" for the camera.
The cars were lined up the entire length of the dam. Here's my daughter with Bonnie, and my dad with Spike, along with Erin, Liam and Kayden.
All in all, a great day out spend with my family.


  1. Oj wow Mel, I luuuuv those red shoes!!! Is that a SVG file? Would love to buy ot off you if so.

  2. I got the template from papercraft planet : and I adapted it for myself.


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