Friday, September 10, 2010

Proud Mommy Moment

Today is a brag session. Not about my craft work, but my daughter. This week is school concert week. The kids have been practicing hard, and going to bed late every night - but let me tell you, it's worth all the effort that went into it. I've been doing 4 trips to that school every day this week (and a few times before that for practice nights). School in the morning, then fetch her in the afternoon to go home, have a bath, we cook early, then back to school in the evening (5:45pm) to get her to school in time for the concert, and back again later that night to fetch her after the performance (9:20pm). The upper primary children need to be there from beginning to end of concert.
Last night we went to watch the show. Wow! For a kid's school concert, I can tell you it was amazing. You could see just how much hard work had gone into the show. It's called "Ayoba 2010" - and focuses on the world cup soccer. It starts with a tour guide and group of tourists - and visits all the different countries, ending with South Africa. They had the most amazing props, and the taxi was great - along with the typical half asleep taxi driver with his bass pumping.
It brought back all the proudly South African feelings of the World Cup, and made me a very proud mom. Although my daughter only had a "small part" (she was an Aboriginal dancer), it made me proud that she belongs to such a brilliant school.
The kids were great and played their parts so well. There were many "laugh out loud" moments.
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take brilliant photo's, but what I did take, I'm sharing with you.

All around the hall, there was a painted crowd showing their support.

The beautiful backdrop - the scene is Johannesburg - the Telkom Tower and Ponte with the Vodacom sign was even there.

This is my daughter's scene.

My daughter is the one in the front (in yellow).

The taxi with all the tourists travelling (overloaded, of course). The taxi was also hijacked in the concert, and stopped by a traffic cop who accepted a bribe.

Even the teachers went on strike!

The Kaapse Klopse

The kids carried the boxes through the hall and placed them to create the SA flag.

All the "waving flags"

The finale. This is only the upper primary school kids - the younger ones went home early.

A very proud night indeed. Well done Farrarmere Primary and all the people involved.

That's me for now.


  1. No crying. Not a crier in moments like that. Just proud - huge smile.

  2. A proud moment I'm sure - worth all the trips and late nights!

  3. Wow, nothing quite like those primary school concerts. I am a cryer! Would have been weeping.


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