Monday, October 4, 2010

They hatched!!!

Chatting outside on the patio yesterday with my boyfriend, I suddenly stopped halfway through a sentence, and jumped with excitement, "they hatched!". I was referring to some eggs that had been laid a while back, in 2 spots on our patio... what were they, you ask...

Can you spot it?

How perfect is this baby praying mantis? It is a perfect replica of the adult, just absolutely tiny, and instead of being green, it's brown.

It hopped around from one hand to another, and I eventually put it onto a plant (it's so tiny, I was worried it may get under our feet).
A few months ago (during winter) we watched as a extremely "fat" praying mantis slowly moved along the windowsill outside our office window. A little while later we realized she was laying her eggs. Its quite amazing - she lays them and the entire egg pouch is covered with a frothy-like substance. That eventually hardens and the pouch remains there until the weather heats up. When the babies "hatch", they emerge from the pouch (after sometimes eating their brothers and sisters....).
I haven't managed to see where they emerge from, but will hopefully see lots more, and be blessed with their presence for the coming months...

Chat later...


  1. Oh Mel, aren't they just too precious! So tiny and perfect! MY mum watched one of those big lizard (where the male has the blue head) lay her eggs in the flower patch. Mum cordoned off the area with a little picket fence, declared it a NO GO area until the babies hatched. But unfortunately we didn't see them, just the hole they dug in the soil to get up to the surface.

  2. I love that story, Jen... I can just imagine the cordoned off area.

  3. Wow that is soooooo amazing to see the tiny babies... well done.


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