Thursday, September 23, 2010

What a Wednesday!!

You know one of those days that you think, "Ok, today all those pending things will get finished". Yeah right....
It started at 2:30 am when I woke up with the dogs barking. On investigating, I discovered our front electric gate wide open. Our tenant in the garden cottage is a waitress, and had obviously just come home and forgotten to close the gate behind her. Ok, send her a message. Close the gate and attempt to go back to sleep. Not easy. But got a little...
Got ready for the day, and then an explosion. I belong to a group of rubber stampers and what started as a reminder about Digistamps 4 Joy ending up in a huge debate of rubber vs digi - I'm sure you've all seen the "arguments". Myself, and other members were quite offended with a negative comment made towards digi's (I still cannot understand how so many people see digi stamps as clipart!). Well, to say I was speechless is an understatement. I won't go into details, but those who were there know what I'm talking about... Needless to say that took up a lot of my energy for the day, as well as time as I checked on the "goings on".

Next, I needed to finish up some cards I'd promised a friend would be ready for Monday. They weren't. "No, prob" she said "get them to me by Wednesday afternoon". And that really was the latest I could do it by. So inbetween everything else I managed to finish off these cards:
Her "specs" were - one pink and purple, one in blues. It's for a 21st birthday, and she's blonde. So I made 4 so she could choose 2 (she took all 4!)
The photo's aren't the best - they were taken inside, with a flash, but they're good enough.

This one is a Kenny K image

Another Kenny K image

Yet another Kenny K image... I used a cuttlebug butterfly (cut and embossed) and a stencil from Scrapbooking-Scrapbook with blue pearls and pink gems

And, you guessed it, another Kenny K (they're just so suitable to the younger audience).

In the afternoon, I had to get my daughter to Speech & Drama classes. She was really excited because they were expecting their scripts for the year-end concert, so she was eager to find out what part she got. She was a little unsure about her part - she'll be playing the part of Jack (from Jack and the beanstalk). But it's quite a nice part, she's got quite a few lines to say. Which is promising - she started the classes in about March this year - some of the others have been there for years.

Climbing into bed, I decided I'd finish off the card I need to do for next week for my DT position at Pattie's. It was already after 8pm when I got an sms from one of the teachers at my son's creche. "I need a card urgently for tomorrow morning". It turns out it's my son's teacher's birthday. I didn't have anything appropriate coloured, so I did what I could with what I had, at such short notice. I often buy patterned paper that I can cut out pieces to use on cards and other projects, and I had this one lying around. I cut out the bird and the flower border. Put together a few elements, added pearls to the centres of the flowers (I actually meant to run the border down the side, but stuck it in the "wrong" place, which obviously turned out the be the correct position... I used a rub on sentiment and the ribbon finished if off nicely. Hope she likes it...

Well that's me for now... Off to finish off an urgent order.

I'll share that with you later.



  1. Sjoe! I am tired just reading that! Hope your Thursday turned out a lot better.
    Maybe we should start a digi stampers group and forget aboy the negative ones who obviously don't like change. There is room for both rubber and digi in this world - no need to be nasty about either.

  2. Eish! Luckily its long weekend now, so you can catch up and rest a little! The cards are super, and I can see why your friend took all 4 of them! Glad to see I'm not the only one sticking on ribbons etc the 'wrong way round' - got a few t-shirts on that one already . As for the rubber verse digi argument - people who stick to the rubber stamps, forget that most of us also started there. Just so nice not getting ink all over my face and clothes though, and being able to resize. Wonder if it's cause they can't use a PC? "We" love your digis Mel.


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