Sunday, February 13, 2011

Smarties ATC's

It's been a while since I've participated in any ATC swaps. I joined this one because I found the boxes of Smarties and just had to eat then... um I mean... join in...

The 2 limited edition Smarties were Pink and Golden, and I did one of each.

The first one, Pink, went to Colleen. She has received hers and loves it.
I used a pink and white spot paper for the background, that just so happens to match perfectly. I cut a lot of elements from the box. What started out as going to say "art" ended up being "smart" because the little girl is just so smart :) I added some ribbon and pearls arranged all the elements.

The Golden smarties ATC went to Anda. I'm not sure if she has received it, but I certainly hope so.
This time I used the box as the background for the ATC, but I played around with the wording (removed the R, but added the strip below it to continue the pattern), so it says "maties". I cut out a few elements from around the box (the fish), added some gold ribbon, yellow/orange rhinestones, a gold coin embellie and a lock to finish of the treasure chest theme.

I have received my Gold ATC from Colleen, and Marika should be getting to hers soon (she landed up in hospital, but will do hers while she is recovering - get better soon Marika).

Here's a pic of Col's ATC
I also participated in a Valentine ATC swap. I'm looking forward to getting my parcel this week - there's ATC's from all over the world in that swap - 10 participants, and we made enough for each participant and one extra for Craftwise magazine for possible publication. Pics will follow as soon as everyone has received theirs.

Till later.... Mel

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  1. The smartie ATC swop looked like a lot of fun to create.


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