Friday, February 18, 2011

Pets.... but what defines a pet?

Pattie's Design Challenge no. 15

This week's challenge at Patties is to use an image that most people would consider a pet... but how do you really define that? I guess you don't... I own several birds (budgies), I've been looking into getting a ringneck, but recently changed my mind about that after spending some time around African Grey parrots... the only problem there is they live a very long life (50 years - and do I really want to be caring for an old parrot when I'm heading up to my 90's? You never know, by then my kids would long since have left home and I'll have grandchildren).
I also have 2 dogs - they are brother and sister (cross pitbull / Sharpei and really adorable), and 3 cats (if nobody stopped me, the number of cats would be more...)

I decided to use Patties Parrot image for my card, and did a card very different to what I usually do. Once again I had no idea where I was going with this card, until it was finished. I took it step by step and waited to see what I was going to add next. I think it turned out kinda cute...

Considering I used a lot of handmade / mulberry paper, I decided that these little mulberry flowers would go really nicely. I loaded a few into certain areas, tore the paper and allowed the card to finish itself..
till next time...
x Mel x

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  1. OH, so it's called mulberry paper, I didn't know that!
    I so love your coloring Mel, and your choice of colors of the elements.
    Great card!
    ♥ Sandi


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