Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Notepads and Drama

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as us around this time of year. Money is tight and there's gifts to send out...
My daughter wanted to give her friends something, but with limited cash and a few good friends I started worrying...
My daughter found a notepad a few days ago in a shop and loved it. It cost R45 and the cover was a plastic cover that was printed to look like it was covered in paper with a ribbon around it.
So off to the local supermarket to buy some plain notepads. They cost R8 each.
Ashleigh got home, covered the notepads with some scrapbooking paper on the front cover and the back cover, stuck a strip of ribbon down the front and voila. A few really pretty gifts.
The drama?... Ashleigh's speech and drama concert...

Ashleigh has been attending speech and drama classes with the Helen O' Grady Drama Academy for a year now. And she's doing really well.
She got the part of Jack (of beanstalk fame) in their annual concert. The concert was called "Storyland" and the storyline was about some of the well known storybook characters who are convinced by the "new ideas" to change the storylines... Goldilocks should pay the bears back for the damaged caused, Jack should help out the old lady (who lived in a shoe), with a golden egg to help her financially (as living in a shoe is not very hygienic).

Ashleigh played her part really well and we were so proud of her (that's her on the far right).
Here she is receiving her certificate.
I really hope to share some projects with you soon. I've bought a whole load of new digi images and I've been busy colouring (at night in bed), now to just find some time to put some cards together, but you know how it goes... Companies will be closing for Christmas soon and I need to get orders out before then... work has certainly been keeping me busy...
Till later...

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this quick gift idea and pics of your family. hugs Sharon


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