Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend full of Fun, Friends and Crafts

Yesterday morning a few friends and I got together to meet in "real life". We've all been chatting online at in2crafts for a while and made a plan to meet up and craft.
Well, as you can imagine, not too much crafting actually happened, but a great day was had by all!!

Lucia's cats thought we all arrived there for their amuzement - well I guess they kept us amuzed as much as we kept them amuzed.
I took my camera, but didn't take pics (we are all chatting to much), but I did get some of the cats - how cute are they?? They are Sphinxes, and they have the most adorable nature.

Then in the evening we went to the drumming and fire evening at The Grange. It was a great night out, and we saw some friends we haven't seen in ages.

The drumming....
And my favourite... the fire....
The camera takes some amazing pictures of the fire.
That's all for now, I hope to share at least one card with you tomorrow...

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