Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog award from Margy

It's always so nice to receive something unexpected. I got a message a few weeks ago from Margaret to tell me she had something on her blog for me.
It was a really nice surprise for me.
Now all, I need to do, to accept this award, is list 8 things about myself, and give this award to 8 other stylish bloggers.

8 things I know about myself...
1. I am stubborn, hard-headed and strong willed. Due to those traits, I sometimes come across as rude, but if you take the time to get to know me, I'm really not all that bad...
2. I love being a mother. It's often difficult and very trying, but also very rewarding.
3. I'm a very messy crafter (my tables will be heaped with stuff), but my work is always neat.
4. I have tried almost every craft, and my first attempt at scrapbooking 7 years ago, I hated. Tried it again about a year or 2 later, and loved it. I've been papercrafting since.
5. I studied art at college, and I think my art background helps me with my crafting to a great extent.
6. I love animals, and I'm especially fascinated with birds. I have 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a small aviary with some budgies.
7. I tend to cut myself too thin, I take on too many things and often end up doing things at the last minute (but even if I do, I do the best job I can, or not at all).
8. I sometimes bite my nails...

Now onto 8 people who I would like to pass this award on to...

1. http://handmadebygem.blogspot.com
2. http://paperpiecingmemoriesbybabs.blogspot.com
3. http://scrapbookingbyleann.blogspot.com
4. http://homespunscrap.blogspot.com
5. http://paolaspaperhaven.blogspot.com
6. http://scraptasticalkreations.blogspot.com
7. http://sharonskardzkorner.blogspot.com
8. http://diannesscrappycreations.blogspot.com

Well done Ladies, you're some of my favourite bloggers :)

I've also received another blog award... I'll announce that soon :)

x Mel x

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